FWIW Lancôme has had black "faces" before, including current faces Arlenis Sosa Peña (pictured) and Jasmine Tookes. Perhaps Nyong'o is the first black celebrity Lancôme face, but we can recognize the models of color who've been repping for years, too. » 4/06/14 4:50pm 4/06/14 4:50pm

I have "known" you for so many years, and this comment really resonated with me. My five-year relationship broke up under similar circumstances a little over a year ago. The breakup was very hard and I still haven't really developed the vocabulary to talk about it. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to negotiate a … » 2/27/14 10:58pm 2/27/14 10:58pm

I tend to agree with this view. A few years ago, William Gibson published a novel called Zero History in which a (very minor) character is a model who leaves the industry and finds work in another field. Apparently, when Gibson was researching the book, he found an essay I wrote years ago here at Jezebel, because he… » 9/30/13 7:08pm 9/30/13 7:08pm